Naturopathy views health as not simply the absence of illness, but as a state of balance within the mind and body which promotes optimal health and vitality. While recognising the unique and individual needs of each person. Naturopathy helps the body heal itself, using herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, medicinal foods and specific dietary and lifestyle changes.

Trent is passionate about working collaboratively in planning realistic and achievable health goals and treatment plans. He is a firm believer that simply telling people what to do does not work, respectful discussions, understanding and compassion is crucial to positive health outcomes. 


Nutrition is the core of good health. Naturopathic nutrition incorporates the latest scientific nutritional research within the traditional natural medicine approach. Recognising each person has a different reaction to foods and relationship to food. This brings an individualised approach, working together to make realistic changes to what you eat, to improve specific health conditions and improve overall vitality.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine has been used for over 2000 years. Drawing on this traditional knowledge along with modern scientific research of herbs, Herbal Medicine is used to help move the body and mind back to a state of balance. Herbs can be used for acute ailments, such as coughs or colds, as well as for chronic states such as stress or autoimmune conditions.


Stress has become such a big part of our lives with so many demands on our time and challenges to overcome. The mind and the body are so intricately linked, when you are stressed the body reacts to it as well. Over time this begins to wear us down emotionally and physically. But there are practical ways we can help respond to stress in different ways and not let it overwhelm us.


Initial Consultation

$110 ($95 concession).

90 minutes.

A holistic assessment, involving a review of the main health issue, dietary analysis, iridology, relevant physical examinations. Developing a comprehensive treatment plan.

Follow up consultation

$85 ($75 concession).

60 minutes. Review progress, adjusting treatment accordingly, addressing any new issues and moving to the next stage towards health goals.

Acute Consult


15 minutes.A quick consult for simple coughs, colds, flus, hayfever and other acute issues.

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I moved from Newcastle NSW, to Melbourne in 2010 to pursue my career in natural health. The first thing I noticed was that being healthy in a city was hard! While there are a lot more opportunities, the lifestyle is completely different. I could no longer head to the beach any time I wanted, it was much colder and I was inside sitting down more than I had ever before. It took a good couple of years to make a new healthy lifestyle for myself here, and its still an ongoing process. But it taught me that health means a lot more than just being physically fit.

Our health and vitality comes from healthy communities, healthy families, healthy environments and importantly, a healthy relationship to food. I work with people to help them find their own way to health, which is different for all of us. And our paths to health will also be uniquely challenging. There’s no one size fits all approach.

In this process I can prescribe herbal medicine, nutritional supplements or energetic medicines such as flower essences. I can analyse your diet and make specific dietary changes. I can recommend medicinal foods and lifestyle changes, all in line with your health goals. I hope to inspire you to enjoy the colourful flavours, smells and company that comes with food.

I have a professional network of doctors, psychologists, massage therapists, myotherapists, osteopaths and Chinese medicine practitioners. I will refer you to a trusted colleague when the need arises for more comprehensive care.

I have a background in community development and am passionate about improving access to health services to those who may face barriers. I am actively involved in professional associations, where I help organise monthly professional education seminars for Naturopaths and Herbalists in Melbourne.